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Personalized Estate Planning Services

Most people put off estate planning as long as they can, and the reasons for doing so are understandable. But estate planning doesn't need to be difficult or even inconvenient. With the help of a good attorney, the process can be relatively quick and easy.

This is the experience we strive to deliver at Turnbull & McLaughlin. Our boutique law firm offers personalized service and tailored legal advice in a comfortable environment. In most cases, we can finalize your estate plan in just two sessions. To arrange an initial consultation with an experienced lawyer, call 916-927-1800.

What Documents Will You Need?

Every estate is different, which is why it is so important to work with an experienced estate planning lawyer. Most estate plans include:

  • A Will
  • A basic revocable Trust
  • Grant Deeds and Assignments transferring assets into your Trust
  • Trust Certification Documents
  • An Advance Health Care Directive
  • A General Durable Power of Attorney

Our firm offers full-service estate planning. We will work with your accountant and financial planner to achieve the best possible results. In addition to the documents listed above, for those who own their own business we can help you with business succession planning.

Guiding You Through The Process From Start To Finish

We handle estates of all sizes and complexities. When you meet with our estate planning attorney, we will first assess the size of your estate and ask about your distribution wishes. We will then discuss who you will want to succeed you as Trustee when you are no longer able to act as Trustee; who will act as guardians for your minor children; who will act as your health care agent, and who will hold your power of attorney. We will also discuss your family's relevant background information to prepare "special needs trusts" or spread out the distribution schedule for young adults. We will even disinherit a family member when necessary.

This is what you need to bring to the first meeting:

  • copies of previous wills and trusts
  • copies of real property deeds
  • list of bank and brokerage accounts
  • names and addresses of the following:
    • family members
    • beneficiaries (including charities)
    • accountant
    • financial planner

Or you can just call our office and we will send you a form with all of the questions on it.

We will then work with you to draft an estate plan that meets your needs and goals. As time goes by and your family and financial situations change, our firm is happy to amend or update your estate planning documents and restate trusts as needed — even if we didn't originally create them for you.

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Turnbull & McLaughlin proudly serves clients throughout the Sacramento area. To schedule an initial consultation, call us at 916-927-1800, or send us an email.

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